A company is made and managed by people. The key is people, their skills, their sense of responsibility, their dedication...



We want to embrace the tradition of our territory and project it into the future. We aim to do business in a sustainable way to make next generations proud of us.


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SINCE 1986

Alessio and Emanuele are long lasting friends: born in 1986, they lived their childhood in Cupramontana - “Città del Verdicchio” in the Marche region. At age of 6 they first met at primary school, quickly became best friends and started dating and growing up together. At age of 10 Emanuele moved to Jesi, following his parents, while Alessio stayed in Cupra. Nevertheless, they always kept in touch, and they found each other again at University, also experiencing Erasmus together. Both of them today have an established professional life, their own families, and a dream called EBAG. 




Founding Member

Founding Member

Bachelor's degree in Economics and Marketing, passionated about travel and photography. I made my first "wine" when I was just a kid.

Every year in October, I used to chase tractors carrying grapes to pick up some bunches and bring them to my grandfather's warehouse, where I squeezed them by hand and collect the juice. Since then, Alessio's father, who at that time was leading a winery, started to call me "Il Cantiniere" (the winemaker) and that nickname, after 30 years, is still valid!!!



Master's degree in Business and Management, I love sport and nature. My family owning a farm, I grew up surrounded by our countryside: for me it was normal running and playing inside the wonderful landscape composed of colorful spot of wheat, sunflowers, olive trees and vineyards.

Today, whenever returning from a business trip, it's not just going back home, it's a dip in my origins: making wine represents a destiny, a will to put all these feelings into our bottle.